Plant Inspired Stories

In Green Alert! How plants propagate warnings, learn about how plant cells communicate danger.

In ‘Iron Fist’: When Biology meet Fiction, learn about how plant cells Kung Fu Moves.

In Up-sizing: The tale of the Polyploid Giants, I explain why commercial Strawberry [and other fruits] are so big in size.

In Small Difference, Big Effect: How a single letter changes apple resistance to a pathogen, I explain how a G vs T in the DNA of your favorite apple can reduce the need for fungicide.

In Rice’s Defense Kit Against Vampires, I explain how rice plants arm up against tiny sap suckers, planthoppers.

In The Battle of the sexes: The Gene that Female-Sterilizes Kiwifruit flowers, I explain how ‘Shy Girl’ stop the development of the carpel, the female reproductive organ.